The SuperTrend Strategy Suite

The SuperTrend Strategy Suite combines cutting-edge technology with the power of the SuperTrend indicator to transform your trading. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a precise and reliable answer that helps you navigate the market with confidence.

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Announcing: iTLB PRO

New Systems, Strategies & Customization.

Catch Early Trend Reversals No Matter What the Market is Doing. All of us would like to catch the first bar of a new move. In fact, if we could catch it one or two bars AHEAD of the move, that can make all the difference! 

That's exactly what the iTLB plug-in is designed to do, by applying Trend Lines to Indicators. 

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After Years of Perfecting Our Craft, Our Software is Delivering…

Not only do we continue to build award winning trading software, we are also participating and pioneering the revolutionary shift to Automated Fund Management products.

  • Ed'sRocketTradeMethodis based on a new discovery that his driven his personal investing account up by a margin of 100%.

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  • The Coral Trend indicator, introduced in OmniTrader 2022, is a very predictive indicator because of its ability to correctly forecast the beginning and end of moves.

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  • BE THE FIRST! There Is NO OTHER Trading Platform Out There That
    Can Trade Crypto With Signals And Trade Plans.

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  • Catch A Wave is a complete real time trading method which leverages automation technology in order to make trading it as easy as possible.

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  • The Vortex 2.0 is a complete trading package that is based on one of the most flexible trading tools, the Vortex Indicator. 

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  • WaveTrader represents our most popular plugin ever released,
    WaveTrader 4 takes this incredible technology to a whole new level.

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