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iTLB Pro

iTLB Pro

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New Systems, Strategies Customization.

Catch Early Trend Reversals No Matter What the Market is Doing.  All of us would like to catch the first bar of a new move. In fact, if we could catch it one or two bars AHEAD of the move, that can make all the difference! 

That's exactly what the iTLB plug-in is designed to do, by applying Trend Lines to Indicators. 


When trading “Reversals”, all of us would like the earliest possible Signal,
and that’s what the Indicator Trend Line Break Plug-In provides. 
Trend Line Break Signals on indicators lead to profitable moves! 


New TLB4 Strategies:

Signal Accuracies of 70%
to 80% and higher!

Yes, Short Signals are enabled!

TLB4 breaks the accuracy barrier. Very few Plug-Ins have these kinds of numbers, which include Short trades.

In fact, every Strategy has Shorts enabled.




Trend Line Breaks on Coral Trend

TLB Pro has Improved on perhaps one of the most popular (and quite frankly, powerful) indicators ever added to OmniTrader... The Coral Trend Indicator.

Now, with TLB Pro, we can get clear Trend Line Break Signals from the Coral Trend Pivots for some very exciting and profitable Trading Opportunities.



Fire Trend Line Break Signals on
ANY Indicator.

With iTLB PRO, you can find Trend Line Breaks on ANY indicator in the software, including indicators you create.We have made it so easy to apply this powerful concept.  In OmniLanguage we have a new function called “TLBSys”.

A sample System is shown to the right – Just replace “MyRSI” with the name of any indicator you like, and the System will generate iTLB Signals on it!!

Just incredible!

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