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How it's Different.

“A Whole New Kind of Strategy”

While VBX-4 has its roots in the VBX-3 Strategy, the evolution is leaps and bounds ahead. I don’t know of any other Strategy created that shows the potential to steadily make 50% to 100% a year.


This Strategy has added new “Confirmers” to provide maximum probability of success before generating a signal, and specialized Filters avoid markets that should not be traded.

 Trade Plan Advancements:

VBX-4 uses partial exits to capture quick gains while also taking advantage of trending markets. A special “Rising Stop” takes profits once the trend pauses. This allows us to quickly capture profits in a trending market while keeping trades from moving sideways AND frees up more funds to enter trades with higher short term profit potential.

 Supporting Assets:

Our VBX-4 OmniScan provides us with highly liquid stocks that are poised to make big moves. The new VBX-4 Port Sim Method has been carefully designed to generate the highest possible trade performance. See Performance below. 

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