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Nirvana Systems

TRADEnosis 2 and TRADEnosis 2 RT

TRADEnosis 2 and TRADEnosis 2 RT

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The TRADEnosis Group is focused on the application of Artificial Intelligence to End of Day or "Position" trading.  TRADEnosis RT is a new project that is also based on our AI research, applied to Real Time Trading from our servers in The Cloud. 

In TRADEnosis RT, Members do not run Strategies on their computers.  Rather, we provide servers that run them in The Cloud so Members simply activate their accounts to follow them. The Mission of TN/RT is to continue building Strategies that trade select groups of highly liquid stocks in Real Time, as we deploy them.  

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Join The TRADEnosis Group AND Subscribe to TRADEnosis RT for Life.
Gain Access to all areas of the TRADEnosis Group Web Site (EOD Strategies)
Auto-Trade ALL RT Stock Strategies we release, at no additional cost. **
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