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Nirvana Systems

The Nirvana Club

The Nirvana Club

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Ed Downs

I'm Ed Downs, the Founder and CEO of Nirvana Systems, Inc. and I'd like to welcome you to the Nirvana Club information section.

The Nirvana Club is a very unique group of OmniTrader users who are involved with Nirvana in advancing the power of OmniTrader. Nirvana Club members enjoy many benefits. They gain access to ARM technology and other proprietary Nirvana Products and participate with us in the development of New Products. And they belong to community of like-minded traders.

The primary goal of the Club has been to create Trading Systems that are sufficiently accurate to engage the markets in fully-automated trading. The Club reached this goal in 2007 with the introduction and automation of NSP-31 and other ARM3 Strategies. We continued to enhance the performance by adding Pattern Recognition, and then with the addition of our new consensus block to ARM4 in 2009. Now, with ARM5, we were able to dramatically improve the Genetic Algorithm, or “G.A.” With this new technology we have achieved unprecedented accuracy & profits. This is a very exciting juncture for the Club!

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Member Benefits

1. OmniTrader Professional

2. ARM A.I. Technology including the A.I. Strategy Development Tools and pre-built A.I. Strategies.

3. Thirty Percent (30%) discounts on the current sales price of all Nirvana Products and Services, including Education and Data. **Members who subscribe to Nirvana Real Time Data and Scans can save over $360/year.

4. Nirvana Club Community access

  • Member Directory
  • Member Forum
  • Member Education Events, including the “BASH”


** Member Dues: 

No Member Dues are charged the first year, then optional dues of $360 per year thereafter to maintain Current Status.

Current Status enables a Nirvana Club Member to download Nirvana Club Strategies and receive Product and Service Discounts.

Members who elect not to remain Current shall continue to have access to the Nirvana Club Community (web site, directory, and forums).

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