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ATM Master Course

ATM Master Course

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Introducing a Comprehensive Course Covering EVERY Aspect of ATM!

ATM is a true breakthrough in trading technology, and the ATM Master Course provides you with a road-map to harness this powerful technology for maximum profits. Whether you want to fully automate your trading or just want ATM to give the best trades in the current market, the ATM Master Course gives you everything you need to “Master” the markets.

Join Jeff Drake and the Nirvana Team as we explore every aspect of ATM, top to bottom, and look at how you can use ATM to its fullest potential.


Each new seminar is based on an ATM topic along with a Recorded webinar session.


Adjusting to the Current Market

Market States allow us to configure every aspect of our trading based on the current market behavior.  In this session, we will look at:

  • ATM Overview
  • How to Define Market States
  • Which Indicators to Use for Accurate MS Identification
  • How to use Macro and Micro States
  • Intro to Concurrent Market States


Getting the Best Trades Every Day

Each ATM Market State has its own trade ranking and filtering ability.  This session will explore:

  • How to Create Filters and Rankers
  • How to Match Filters to Market States
  • The Effect of Filtering
  • The Best Ranking Functions
  • How to Determine a Ranking Weight


How Many Trades and How Much?

One of the most powerful features of ATM is the ability to change allocation settings based on the current Market State.  This session will look at:

  • How to Determine a Long/Short Ratio
  • Getting the Optimal Number of Trades
  • The Effect of using In Trade Signals


Matching Strategies to the Market

The power of ATM is dependent on the Trading Strategies that the ATM Method is using.  This session will concentrate on:

  • Determining Which Active Strategies to Use
  • Matching Strategies to Market State
  • How to Optimize Strategy  Selection


Stacking the Odds in Your Favor

Concurrent Market States take ATM to an all new level.  This session will explore:

  • The Concurrent Market State Concept
  • How to Create Concurrent Market State groups
  • Concurrent Market States independent of Groups
  • Trade Selection Options from Different Market States


Finding the Best Settings

Optimization is a powerful tool which can help us find the best settings.  This session will look at:

  • Different Ways to Optimize Settings
  • How to Validate Optimized Settings
  • Important Optimization Considerations
  • Multiple Optimization Examples

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