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Nirvana Systems

Relative Rotation Trader

Relative Rotation Trader

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Relative Rotation Trader

The Best Way to Trade Group Rotation


Discover the Power of Relative Rotation! 

Funds and institutions often accumulate stocks based on the industry group they are in. That’s why Group Rotation is one of the best ways to trade stocks that are confirmed to be moving in a given direction.  Relative Rotation Trader makes finding and trading the best Group Rotations easier than ever before, because it combines the two forces of Momentum and Relative Strength for truly unstoppable trading power! 

Here is a Group Rotation on Transportation Companies identified on April 19.

Transportation Companies identified on April 19

Each Stock was already under accumulation and is turning up based on a renewed accumulation by market participants!



  • 3 Powerful Indicators
  • 3 Systems for All Trading Modes
  • 2 OmniScans for Up and Down Markets
  • Pre-Configured Profile & Focus List


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