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GMMA 2.0

GMMA 2.0

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We partnered with Daryl Guppy to create Indicators, Systems, and Strategies based on his powerful Guppy Multiple Moving Average approach. Daryl mostly teaches how to visually confirm trades, but we were able to bring you an updated GMMA 2.0 plugin that includes two of Guppy's latest discoveries.

The GMMA concept is based on 12 different Moving Averages. It is the composite picture of these averages that provides a powerful view of trend—the expansion and contraction of the lines gives clues as to what stage a new trend is in, and also the stability of the trend.

Daryl Guppy is famous worldwide for his Guppy Multiple Moving Average approach to trading. Guppy’s Count Back Line (CBL), offers a method for triggering entries, calculating maximum risk, and establishing profit-protection conditions—a complete approach to trading the markets!

GMMA 2.0 represents not only an improvement on the original plugin, but it also includes two of Guppys latest discoveries.

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