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Gann Master

Gann Master

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With Gann Master we have implemented his System and improved it to make it more effective in the modern market. It’s mostly based on his “Hi-Lo Actuator” indicator, but also on a number or Rules that analyze Higher Lows & Highs, as well as Lower Lows & Highs. We have carefully studied these Rules to provide a truly great implementation for OmniTrader users.

Gann Master is composed of Several Strategies and Indicators
• TRENDING TRADES: The Gann Master Hi Lo Strategy
• BREAKOUT TRADES: The Gann Master Breakthrough Strategy
• REVERSAL TRADES: The Gann Master Reversal Strategy
And… Gann’s “Secret Weapon” - the Hi-Lo Activator Indicator” Let’s look at examples from all three Strategies,
and a review of this fascinating indicator…

*** Gann Master Requires OT 2023
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