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Consensus Trading Apps Bundle

Consensus Trading Apps Bundle

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Now – You Can See…
Where the Market is Going.


We Call it “The Leading Indicator.”

The Leading Indicator is based on measuring Strength and Weakness, based on how the stocks within that market are moving.

The Red and Green lines give us a clear picture of both sides, and the Leading Indicator combines them, alerting us that it’s time to consider action.

Almost Too Easy

By analyzing MULTIPLE SECTORS at the same time, it’s almost too easy to see where the market is going in the next timeframe.

Enormous Firepower:
The Leading Indicator in VisualTrader

Above the chart of QQQ, the Leading Indicators tell us that ALL BUT ONE of our Sectors are going DOWN.

The weakness appeared EARLY, telling us the market was likely to go down BEFORE it happened.

Short Index Futures or Buy the leveraged ETF (SQQQ) with confidence. Stay with the trade until strength starts to come back in.

It’s the easiest way we know to trade any market.

And now, you can experience it from ANYWHERE.

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