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Nirvana Systems

CPS7 Pattern Package Package

CPS7 Pattern Package Package

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The CPS7 Pattern Package provides you with everything you need to have the best chart pattern based trades placed right at your fingertips every day!

The CPS7 Pattern Package includes our ground-breaking  chart pattern recognition technology, Chart Pattern Systems 7 (CPS7). This extraordinary package will automatically find the best chart pattern based trades on your list of stocks, or it, or it can scan the whole market!


The CPS7 Pattern Package Gives You Everything You Need to Profit!

The CPS7 Pattern Package Includes:

  • CPS 7 Pattern Recognition Technology
  • CPS7 Trading Strategies
  • CPS7 Pattern Scans
  • OmniTrader 2024 Trading Platform


  • OmniData Data Service
    Download the entire U.S. market for stocks in just a few seconds.
  • OmniScans
    Use the market scans that we provide or create scans or your own!
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