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Catch A Wave - Lease

Catch A Wave - Lease

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Includes everything you need to Catch A Wave:

• VisualTrader (lease)
• MarketScans II (lease)
• Real-Time Market Data (OmniData)
Catch A Wave (Strategies, Scans, Seminars)
• Access to the DISCORD trading room 

discord trading room

In the Discord trading room, we are live every trading day. 3 sessions per day, starting with the pre-market, then a mid-day session, and finally an end-of-day wrap-up session.

Watch this 6-Minute Demo! It shows Catch A Wave at work!

Catch A Wave in Action

- Powerful Algorithmic Scans
- Trading Signals with Impeccable Timing
- Voice Alerts as Symbols Come In
- Integrated Trade Management

Makes Intraday Trading Easier Than Ever Before!
Launch MarketScans and VisualTrader with Catch a Wave Strategies & Scans. Then, watch as the magic happens before your eyes...

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