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ATM6 with AT-X

ATM6 with AT-X

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ATM6 (Version)

"Dynamic Switching is one of the most significant breakthroughs in trading approaches I have ever seen!   

Trading Signals are great, but if you are fully-allocated when a Signal arrives, you can't trade it.  

But what if we had the ability to "jump into an existing trade" as capital is freed up?  You could maintain allocation and continue to benefit from a good move in the market.  

I'm seeing everything improve with ATM6. And now with the new AT-X Method, there's nothing to do except turn it on!  

For limited time, I'm including the AT-X Method with any new or upgrade purchase of ATM6."  

A Better Way to Trade

AT-X with Dynamic Switching...

When a stock is “in trade”, we were previously unable to buy it. But now in ATM6, we are able to consider those stocks for our portfolio. This is a game-changer, and it is already producing higher returns AND lower drawdowns.

  • 72% Annual Return Over the Last Four Years
  • Less Than Half of the Max Drawdown of the Market  
  • Even without the use of margin it makes almost 30% annually with an average DD of only 6%!
  • Very Active: Cuts Losses Quickly and Takes Profits
  • Reduces Risk: Completely Avoids Trading Into Earnings
  • IT'S READY TO GO!   Comes completely pre-configured - All you have to do is turn it on!

Use Dynamic Switching To Improve
Existing ATM Methods!

With ATM6, Dynamic Switching Can Be Activated On ANY Existing ATM Method.     
The Difference In Performance Can Be Dramatic!

How Dynamic Switching Works

OmniTrader is based on Strategies that have Entry and Exit Signals.  All Trades enter on a Signal and end with an Exit in the Trade Plan.

However, when Dynamic Switching is enabled in ATM6, trades can be entered AFTER the Entry Signal.  So when any trade exits, the capital can be re-invested into an existing trade.

Easy To  Activate

Any ATM Method can be set to use Dynamic Switching.   Just click the check-box to allow In-Trade Signals.

Many ATM Methods can benefit from this feature, producing higher returns with less risk.

Performance Comparison
Activating Dynamic Switching Can Provide SIGNIFICANT Performance Improvements

ATM6 Upgrade Package Includes:

 AT-X Method....................$1,295 (value)
✓ Group Rotation Method....$995 (value)
✓ ATM6 Upgrade....................$995 (value)
PLUS: The ATM Master Course (value)

***ATM upgrade requires ownership
of prior ATM version***

*ATM is a product of OmniTraders International;
Nirvana Club discounts do not apply.

Special Loyal Customer Discounts Available at Checkout for Nirvana Club.*

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