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Nirvana Systems

ATM 6 Add-On: AT-X

ATM 6 Add-On: AT-X

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A Better Way to Trade

AT-X with Dynamic Switching...

When a stock is “in trade”, we were previously unable to buy it. But now in ATM6, we are able to consider those stocks for our portfolio. This is a game-changer, and it is already producing higher returns AND lower drawdowns.

  • 72% Annual Return Over the Last Four Years
  • Less Than Half of the Max Drawdown of the Market  
  • Even without the use of margin it makes almost 30% annually with an average DD of only 6%!
  • Very Active: Cuts Losses Quickly and Takes Profits
  • Reduces Risk: Completely Avoids Trading Into Earnings
  • IT'S READY TO GO!   Comes completely pre-configured - All you have to do is turn it on!

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*ATM is a product of OmniTraders International; Nirvana Club discounts do not apply. 
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