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VisualTrader 12.5 Upgrade Version

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***The VisualTrader 12.5 Upgrade is only available if you already own any prior version of VisualTrader***

The New Standard By Which All Trading Platforms Will Be Measured

The NEW VisualTrader 12.5 has powerful features that make Managing Multiple Trades possible.

VisualTrader is powered by MarketScans. There’s now a Scan Time column, so you know precisely when the Symbol entered the list. You can also sort on that column so the newest ones are always at the top.
Once in the List, VisualTrader runs the Strategies to look for Signals. When a Signal is found, the Symbol appears in the Alert Window, and the software can tell you the symbol name by voice, so you know that a new candidate has arrived!

Now for the fun part! Click the Yellow “T” Chevron to bring up the QuickTrade Interface, which now has Hot Buttons! In less than a Second, you can enter a pre-defined order. Configuring it is easy, with the unique Edit Mode interface.

From there, VisualTrader’s classic features – the Strategy Trade Plan, Layouts, and Chart Alerts help you manage MULTIPLE positions as you engage the market.

No other software does it like VisualTrader!

The New Standard By Which All Trading Platforms Will Be Measured

The first version of VisualTrader was released in 2002, and U.S. Patent was secured for the innovations shortly after. But we didn’t stop there. In fact, it’s had nearly 20 years to evolve and improve, and the resulting trading software is nothing short of a masterpiece.

VisualTrader does so many things, and has so many powerful features. But the NEW 12.5 has powerful new features that have made Catch A Wave possible.

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