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The RocketTrade Method

The RocketTrade Method

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Rocket Trader package includes OmniTrader Pro and is available here.

    Relative Strength (RS) is about measuring a stock’s value relative to an index or other base market. (Note: Wilder’s Relative Strength Index, or RSI, measures Relative Strength within a symbol, not to the market). Relative Strength can show which stocks are currently beating or lagging the market.

    Ed's RocketTrade Method is based on a new discovery that his driven his personal investing account up by a margin of 100%.

    What Ed discovered is that Relative Strength is not a number. Rather, it’s an evolving quantity that starts increasing on a stock and as it does so, pulls more institutional buyers in. Recently, this “feeding frenzy” has resulted in some phenomenal gains, with some stocks appreciating 100% - 200% or more in a short period of time.

    Solid, Accumulated Relative Strength candidates can be found in any market – you just need the right tools to find and trade them. And that’s what the RocketTrade Method is all about.

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