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There are a few steps to getting your software installed and running. This page provides links and instructions for each component of your Nirvana software.

Step 1: Software, Data and Assets:

  • OmniTrader 2021, our flagship trading platform.

Download Installation Instructions

    • Click here to start the download for the OmniTrader 2021 Installation Package.
    • Save the installation package.
    • Browse to the saved location and run the install.
    • The Install Wizard will guide you through the installation.
    • Click here to start the download for the "Get My Plugins" installation.

Note: Current Windows updates are required for the OmniTrader installation to complete. If the installation detects that certain Windows updates are needed, those updates will be installed and the computer may be rebooted when the Windows updates complete. It will be necessary to restart the OmniTrader installation if any Windows updates are needed.

Opening OmniTrader and Running the Updater

    1. With an active internet connection, double-click on the OmniTrader icon.
    2. Enter your Nirvana ID and Password in the registration window and click Ok.
    3. OmniTrader will prompt you to check for program updates. It is recommended to keep your program updated to the most current version. Clicking Yes to check for updates will close OmniTrader and start the Updater. Follow the on screen instructions to update OmniTrader.

Run your OmniTrader Updater at any time by clicking Start | Programs | OmniTrader 2020 | OmniTrader Updater.