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OmniTrader 2021 Upgrade

Regular price $195.00

***The OmniTrader 2021 Upgrade is only available if you already own any prior version of OmniTrader***

You can upgrade your existing OmniTrader platform to the most current year with the same data for $195.

You may also upgrade your existing OmniTrader platform to a higher data version
(i.e. upgrade from End of Day to Real Time) for $495.

OmniTrader 2021 is all about making things better, we started by improving your ability to arrange and move OmniTrader charts and windows including the Focus List, Portfolio, the ALL NEW Universal Watch list, and more for Better Organization!

OmniTrader 2021 comes with many "under the hood" improvements as well.

  • Trade US Stocks, Indexes, ETF's, & Mutual Funds
  • Over 150 Indicators
  • Automated Trading
  • Chart Pattern Recognition
  • Paper & Live Broker Support
  • Proprietary Strategies
  • Tick & Intraday Time Frames
  • Dynamic Strategies In Real-Time
  • Multi Time-Frame Analysis
  • Data Not Included


EOD = End of Day / RT = Real Time